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A weekend in Chicago: Land of the smelly onion plant

Despite living in St. Louis for most of my life I had never made it up to to Windy City. Now that I’m in Lafayette for grad school and it’s only 2 hours there’s no excuse. And my aunt Sharon … Continue reading

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Morning Solitude on Lago Solidad

One of my favorite things to do at ARCC was to go out early morning on the lake during the pre-dawn. When the world is lighting up, there is mist on the lake, and the sun hasn’t gotten over the … Continue reading

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A Multi-Sensory Experience

One of the reasons that working with Fauna Forever in the jungle is so incredibly satisfying and fantastic is because of how many senses of a person it satisfies. When walking around in the jungle you are constantly being stimulated … Continue reading

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USP International Association Volunteer Day: 1 September 2012

The international students here have an association just for them. ¬†And being the person I am I had to “run” (volunteer) for an office: Service Chair (it has some other funny name here). ¬†Little did I know that my job … Continue reading

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