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Morning Solitude on Lago Solidad

One of my favorite things to do at ARCC was to go out early morning on the lake during the pre-dawn. When the world is lighting up, there is mist on the lake, and the sun hasn’t gotten over the … Continue reading

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A hot, sweaty, yet rewarding night

Have you ever heard those sayings about how you have to work hard and sweat to get what you want? Well in the jungle that is maybe 75% of the equation with the other 25% being luck. Like 87.34% of … Continue reading

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Mist Netting

Hello again readers! It’s been a while, this summer is getting busy with me teaching swim lessons to 21 students and working as an assistant at a vet clinic! But as I currently am afflicted with laryngitis, which makes it … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Invisible Flying Rivers

http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20130326-amazons-invisible-flying-rivers A short 3 minute film that gives one example of how valuable whole ecosystems are to humans, as well as how incredibly intertwined our modern industrialized world is with the natural wild one.

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