Day 4: Full conference

Some nights when sleeping in a hot non-air conditioned room with your windows open you just can’t sleep. Last night was one of those nights unfortunately. But I still had to go to the conference. 

The keynote speaker today was awesome! Hal Herzog. He wrote Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Kill. His talk was about doing science well and communicating science well. He emphasized the importance of being skeptical of our own field and not overstating our results. My advisor Dr. Marguerite O’Haire (Magge) got mentioned a bunch for her awesome work. And Dr. Alan Beck from Purdue also got his picture up there. 🙂

The talks were good. I got to network with several big names and talk about future work. I did not win the poster competition but got told it was extremely close and likely I was a close second. Maggie did win the award as a New Investigator which was pretty awesome!

After the conference and general meeting we were wiped so we went back to the Airbnb. I helped Kerri by listening to her talk. Then took a nap.

For dinner we went to dinner at Baccara. So delicious. The sangria, the paella, the general vibe, a seat by the window. We ordered vegetable paella and it was delicious. So great. We went with 7 of us from the conference. 

After dinner it was home to pack, clean, and go to bed!


About Meg LaFollette

I studied abroad in Fiji for 5 months in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with traveling! I went to New Zealand right after and then Peru this summer. When not traveling (and sometimes during) I love healthy, environmentally conscious living. Animals, biology, horses, and behavior are other passions of mine.
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2 Responses to Day 4: Full conference

  1. Jean says:

    Sounds like the trip is going well. Thanks for the updates. The food looks delicious!

  2. Robert LaFollette says:

    It all looks so yummy!

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