Salt Lake City Day 1: Busy Beginnings

Hello again readers! I am back again to the travel scene. This time with a domestic destination to visit my older sister in Salt Lake City, Utah. As my only experience traveling west of Lawrence Kansas involved a brief college visit in Denver, Colorado I was pretty excited.


Flying in to Salt Lake City

Flying in to Salt Lake City

The flight from St. Louis to Denver to Salt Lake City was beautiful! I had a 7 hour layover, which is debateably excessive for a domestic flight. But I actually prefer to make sure I make it to my destination and get some relaxation/last minute planning time in the airport. Seven hours is a bit much, four is probably preferable.

The great Salt Lake flying in

The great Salt Lake flying in

I landed in Salt Lake City and rode the light rail to near Alison’s apartment who met me there. After dropping off my bags we went to Bruges, the Belgian waffle and fry place. Let me tell you Belgian Waffle and fries are amazing. The Belgian waffle had almost excessive amounts of caramelized sugar on it and delicious creme on top. The fries were pretty awesome and elevated by the presence of a delicious Andolouse “fry sauce”. A great post airport food snack. Unfortunately my only thought was on eating after that plane ride, not on taking pictures.

Then we walked around Caputos which is a gourmet food store with an Italian leaning. We mostly just window shopped but we did splurge on a very beautiful and VERY delicious piece of handcrafted passion fruit chocolate. Then we then picked up Alison’s wedding dress which was beautiful! Here’s a photo of us on her big day.

My sister (in the white dress), her new wife, and me and my siblings. Such a happy day!

My sister (in the white dress), her new wife, and me and my siblings. Such a happy day!

After all of that we headed to the bouldering gym that Alison is a member of. I had bouldered once before with Alison in St. Louis, but the beginner routes/obstacles were weirdly hard. So it wasn’t super fun. This time though, was awesome! The beginner routes were easy enough that even I as a super beginner could be successful, but hard enough that they were challenging. I actually really really loved it. Bouldering has an element of “flow” where you are in the zone moving from one hold to the other. Also I like that involves both lower, core, and lower body muscles.

Bouldering in Salt Lake City

Bouldering in Salt Lake City

I was really happy to be able to boulder with my sister. She taught me some basic principles such as keeping your hip in the wall and putting the same side hip into the wall as the hand you plan to grab with. Fun, physical, and exhausting!

After that we picked up Sarah, Alison’s now wife and my sister-in-law from the airport! Then we headed to Red Iguana which is famed the best Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake City. I haven’t tried the other Mexican Restaurants in Salt Lake City but I have to say Red Iguana was awesome! They specialize in Moles and even have a Mole sampler that allows your to try them all for free. Yum!

I settled on the Green Iguana Sampler. It came with so many things! A chili relleno, cheese enchilada, beef tostada, taco, and maybe one or two other things! Clearly it was meant for two meals (or people) not just one. But I was happy to eat it leftover the next day. After eating we went home and I went straight to sleep. Day 1 = Success


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I studied abroad in Fiji for 5 months in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with traveling! I went to New Zealand right after and then Peru this summer. When not traveling (and sometimes during) I love healthy, environmentally conscious living. Animals, biology, horses, and behavior are other passions of mine.
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