Flying to Peru

I am officially en route to Peru! I don’t know if it’s entirely hit me that I will be there in less than 24 hours.


Nothing like a pair of hiking/riding boots hanging from your pack to help start a conversation!

A bright and early flight meant not much sleep last night and a very early wake up call. However, I think that while researching in the jungle we may have a 5am wake up call so I better get used to it. In security I met two very nice women, one of which has the same boots as me strapped to my backpack. Meeting and talking with random people is one of the fun parts of travel.

Trusty sleeping mask and earplugs. The secret to a good nights rest!

Trusty sleeping mask and earplugs. The secret to a good nights rest!

The flight from STL to Miami wasn’t bad, just under 3 hours. And with a 7 hour layover I didn’t need to rush in the slightest to get to my next gate. In fact my gate hadn’t even been assigned when I got there. So I just scoped out a relatively quiet corner and hunkered down to eat some cereal I took from the house (always bring snacks), check out the wi fi (not free, $8 for a days) and nap (with my trusty eye mask and earplugs).

Always, always bring snacks!

Always, always bring snacks!

After laying down for an hour and resting I got up and wandered around for a bit. My gate got posted so I settled down there by 2 families with cute French speaking kids. I also attempted, though failed, to find reasonably priced airport food.

I really wanted to swing on the bars with these kids.

I really wanted to swing on the bars with these kids.

Since then it’s just been putting different music and books on my iPod and kindle and trying to learn bits of Spanish. 🙂 Better get back to that (or watch some New Girl, or read more about Peru) but I’ll leave you with a bits from a short description from Fauna Forever about the first place I’ll be staying.

“The FF house is located just to the south of Puerto Maldonado in a semi rural setting. … The house has a potted-plant-dominated communal porch area out front… an open plan kitchen-ding room-lounge area with a  fireplace (never used!)… [and] an 8-bed  room (4 bunks beds to be precise) with large bay windows overlooking the garden. … We share the house with an assortment of creatures… Tigrecito, the cat… a handful of large but friendly tarantulas… that help keep the place free of cockraoches… resident frogs… [and] an assortment of lizards, geckoes, praying mantises, termites, and such like that populate other parts of the house.”

Good things Rachel, my slightly arachnophobic friend isn’t going to be with me! I have to admit if I see a tarantula I might jump a little bit, and then convince myself that I only thought I saw it and other general if I don’t think about it it’s not a problem thoughts.

Next time I talk to you I’ll be in Peru! Maybe in the airport tonight? Or maybe in Puerto Maldonado tomorrow? Either way I’ll post as soon as I can! Hopefully with more interesting photos than just boots and granola!


About Meg LaFollette

I studied abroad in Fiji for 5 months in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with traveling! I went to New Zealand right after and then Peru this summer. When not traveling (and sometimes during) I love healthy, environmentally conscious living. Animals, biology, horses, and behavior are other passions of mine.
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4 Responses to Flying to Peru

  1. Jean says:

    Your eye mask looks like a bra!

    • mlafollette says:

      I know! But it is super effective at blocking out all the light and being very comfortable so I’ll take the silly looks!

      On 5/17/13, Paths thru Peru, Footprints in Fiji

  2. Rachel says:

    First off, your mother is right, it totally looks like a bra 😛

    Secondly, eek! Tarantula’s are scary!!!

    Thirdly, I love you and I’m so happy you’re going on this adventure… just refrain from putting any pictures of the spiders that you encounter 🙂

    • mlafollette says:

      Awww, but Rach I really want to show of the sweet spiders! Maybe I’ll put them with a link or something with a warning.

      On 5/18/13, Paths thru Peru, Footprints in Fiji

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