Chilling in Suva and Movies

A lot of my blog posts have been about weekend trips and spring break and other big exciting things that I do here in Fiji.  But not every weekend here has tons of exciting things happening.  In fact, the month or so of weekends after spring break I spent (almost) entirely in Suva city attempting to save a little money after the Yasawas.

The movie theater at night. I LOVE all the murals of the different movies.

The first weekend I went out to the clubs and danced entirely too much which meant I mostly just slept and did homework during the days.  I also went to a basketball game here at the University and worked on a group project for school (oh yeah that thing that lets me come here for a semester)

The second weekend I was sick, but I did go to the all school social which was actually pretty fun.  But unfortunately I got more sick afterwards and spent most of Saturday sleeping.  But Sunday I ended up going to the coffee shop Republic of Capuccino and then to the movie Looper.

Sometimes they have weirdly named candy at the theater… Lots of gummy candies with a few chocolate options. mmmm, I want some now!

I’ve also been to more movies and just seen more movies here in Fiji than back at home.  Tickets to the theater are only 6.50 even if it’s 3D (which is about 3.30 US).  On Tuesdays the tickets are $5.  So why not go to the movies?  Of course they also have a candy bar which sells things by weight.  But be careful because your bag can easily be $9 worth of candy.  Still it’s worth it and a little sweet treat to go with  a movie.

Banana bread in a mug with almond slices on top!

So the next weekend spent entirely in Suva on Friday, Cindy and I made Corn and Okra Maque for supper.  Then a hall meeting just like at home for living in the dorms.  Then I just went over to the ISEP house and watched True Blood with Mikayla (thanks Jason for sending me the jumpdrive with those episodes).  I also made Banana bread in a mug.  Not having an oven has caused me to continuously experimenting with treats baked in a mug.   I love them, single serving, delicious, quick, and easy!  So far I’ve made coffee cake, chocolate cake, banana bread, French toast, brownie, chocolate chip cookie, carrot cake, and various oatmeal cakes.

Saturday we went to Bulaccino’s in the morning and then to the Pure Fiji (kind of like bath and body works) for the warehouse sale where they sell things cheaper than out in the stores.  They also have ‘seconds’ and lotions bottled in plain bottles for people to buy.  So that was fun.  Then some of us went into town just to shop around Jack’s of Fiji and look at some costume shops and finally buy a Saree for a friend.  Since then we’ve just been hanging around, cooking, watching movies, and having girl talk.  It’s pretty normal really.

More of the movie theater.

Saturday evening we indeed went into town to see a movie, Pitch Perfect.  It was actually really good.  I got candy of course which was delicious.  Sunday was actually partly sunny so we went to the outdoor pool that is on campus at USP and laid in the sun and some girls swam.  We wanted to go to a coffee shop, but Bulaccino’s is closed on Sundays and Republic of Capuccino was also closed.  So I stayed at home, but then went into town for dinner in the food court at MHCC.  I got Chinese and it was okay, though I would prefer Bad Dogs pizza any day.  We shopped around for a bit til it closed at 9pm.  For dessert I actually got some candy at the movies though we didn’t see a movie and some other girls got soft serve ice cream.  Then back to tenth and homework.  Overall a pretty chill weekend indeed.

Since then I’ve done other fun things in Suva.  Gone out to eat at an AWESOME Korean restaurant and Dai Ko Ko a great teppanyaki restaurant.  Shopping in town at Prouds, MHCC, and Tapoo.  Had a halloween party.  I’ll write more about that later.

So you see I don’t just get to be on beautiful beaches and do awesome stuff EVERY weekend, just a lot of them.  🙂


About Meg LaFollette

I studied abroad in Fiji for 5 months in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with traveling! I went to New Zealand right after and then Peru this summer. When not traveling (and sometimes during) I love healthy, environmentally conscious living. Animals, biology, horses, and behavior are other passions of mine.
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  1. Jenny K. says:

    Bush Creatures, huh? Weirdly named candy indeed.

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