Spring Break: The Yasawas: Coralview Resort

So I’m pretty behind on posts considering that this one is about Spring Break and here it is a good 2 and a half weeks since I got home…  But the good thing for me is that since then my weekends have been pretty chill mostly because we spent so much money (and energy) in the yasawas.

So to debrief:

The birthday girl and I!

The first weekend I went out to the clubs entirely too much and then my friends parents flew into Fiji to surprise her for her birthday!  Isn’t that awesome? From Nebraska to Suva just for a 21st birthday!  So they threw a lovely birthday bash for her at a hotel invited all her friends and paid for us to have an amazing 4 course meal.  It was delicious and so much fun!

In the Vodaphone arena

Last weekend we had a university social on Friday night which mostly reminded me of an awkward highschool Prom, but without as good of food (but the tickets were only a dollar) and the option to buy alcohol.  I went out a night and then promptly got really sick and spent most of the rest of the weekend at home…

Anyways, back to spring break

Delicious cheesecake!

The first resort we went to was Coralview.  It was very nice.  Immediately we were greeted by the resort staff singing welcome to us, had a little orientation to the island letting us know when activities were, and had juice and lunch.  That was good because I was hungry.  The catch was it meant we would have had to pay extra $18 for lunch on the last day (which we didn’t), but that’s okay.  That last day I bought AMAZING raspberry-plum cheesecake instead.  The food there was buffet style which meant you always got enough to eat and was actually really delicious.  The rolls were amazing.  And one morning they had homemade coconut syrup and that was great.

View from the top of the island

Since it was cloudy when we got there we decided to do a hike up the island.  It was really fun.  Very steep and at times the path was somewhat non-existent, but at the top there were beautiful views so it was totally worth it.  Another good thing we found out after our hike: free water at the resort.  It tasted a little funny, but better than the next resort having to buy water.  Brittany and I were maybe a little too excited about this prospect.  Though we were not excited about the fact that outside alcohol was forbidden in the resort.

The resort staff and us girls!

After everyone ate dinner together (it was a really nice community atmosphere) the resort manager would always try to get us to play games.  It was kind of cute and strange in a way only certain people can be.  The prize for the game was a free beer which had mediocre success at getting people to participate.  But that’s okay.  In general the staff was really nice and sweet.  They were almost exclusively local Fijians which was cool.  They played music at almost every dinner and did a cultural dance one day at lunch as well.  The bar was particularly amusing in the fact that on the drink menu there were instructions on how to make the drinks and the bartender had to look at them to make the drinks.  In fact I think he forgot to put the pineapple juice in my friends pina colada until she reminded him.  But it’s fine.

One of many beautiful sunrises

We actually talked to the staff at the resorts and asked them what it was a like.  A lot of them said that they would only work for about 3 months at a time before going onto a new job.  And I can imagine as it would quickly become tedious greeting new people, doing the same things, having to be cheerful, and simply being stuck on a little island.  Some of the women take boats to work as well which is crazy to think about that’s a way to commute.  It was also kind of cool to see how people didn’t have super specific jobs.  The dancers would also be involved in running activities, grounds-keeping, food prep, and all sorts of things.

Suntan beach

Our beautiful little bit of beach

Our first day there we went to “Suntan” beach which was this beautiful little sandbar that is only exposed during low tide.  The water there is just so incredibly clear and such beautiful shades of blue.  We went snorkeling on the reef there and also on a little jet ski tour.  In the afternoon we walked to a little outcropping of beach further down on the island and snorkeled a little but mostly tanned.  We went back to this beach the next day.  I was with a group of 5

Gotta love a classic beach photo

of us: Mallory, Brittany, Mikayla, and Adrienne.  And we were the only ones on this little patch so it was like our own personal beach and once again it was beautiful.


About Meg LaFollette

I studied abroad in Fiji for 5 months in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with traveling! I went to New Zealand right after and then Peru this summer. When not traveling (and sometimes during) I love healthy, environmentally conscious living. Animals, biology, horses, and behavior are other passions of mine.
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