And so it begins…

The view from the porch of my dorm

It is beautiful in Fiji!  Absolutely beautiful.  Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous, but today it was cloudy and still really pretty.  It is so different.  Being white I’m a minority here, so I get stared at whereever I go, but I’m starting to accept that.  A lot of things are super duper cheap here.  Got some decent dishes for 50 cents here that weren’t plastic.  All the stores a super gaudy on the outside with huge advertisements, classy is not a word I would use to describe Fiji.  The people are super friendly, always saying “bula” which is hello and asking our story.  The buses into town are 70 cents FJD which is about 40 US cents so SUPER cheap.

A drinking coconut outside of the open air market. So delicious and fun!

A super cheap fijian dollar store

Both of the past few days we have gone to the open air market.  Which is gorgeous, I need to take pictures.  You can get tons of fruits and vegetables (bananas, lady finger bananas, papaya, pineapple, lettuce, carrots, spices, and so much more).  Just huge and amazing.  the buses have music as well which is fun.  Basically for the past few days we have just been hanging out, getting our bearings and starting to go shopping.  We also spent a lot of time today just scrubbing the kitchen so it’s clean.

Bed, desk, chair, window, linens, wardrobe, shelves = awesome!

My room is fairly large.  We’re provided a fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow, pillow case, trash can, bucket, broom, and toilet paper.  Also wifi is free I’ve found out I think just in my hall.  The rest of the campus runs on data limits.  We have a kitchen with a stove top, microwave, toaster, and hot water boiler that we share with 7 other girls.  We also share pots, pans, knives, and most dishes with them as well.  The weather is gorgeous here.  Just nice and coolish right now.  Jeans or shorts and a short sleeve shirt weather without any sweating.

The awesome A-block girls for Cindy’s bday party!

The first day was super overwhelming and we didn’t get a lot of help from the international office.  But as we learned where things were and where to shop it got a lot better.  I’m getting to know everybody.  The group of girls that live in the A block of 10th hall (3 floors of 8) is amazing.  Bunch of internationals and regional students from canada, australia, china, US, new zealand, togo, somoan, png, and more!  I love them so much.  We’ve been going out shopping together and tonight we had a game night and bday party for Cindy.  Just so much fun!  I love it.


About Meg LaFollette

I studied abroad in Fiji for 5 months in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with traveling! I went to New Zealand right after and then Peru this summer. When not traveling (and sometimes during) I love healthy, environmentally conscious living. Animals, biology, horses, and behavior are other passions of mine.
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5 Responses to And so it begins…

  1. Daniel M says:

    I’m so jealous. I wish I were back in Fiji! Take every opportunity, and get ready for the best semester ever!

  2. Aunt Sharon says:

    Your room looks really cute! Glad you are safe and getting familiar with the area. Must be weird being a minority for a change. I didn’t realize everything would be so cheap there! Maybe you funds will last longer than you thought. We all love you! Keep updating us!

  3. Jean LaFollette says:

    Do you have a roommate?

    • mlafollette says:

      I live in a single dorm (no roomie) and share a 3-stall, 3-show, 4 sink bathroom with 8 girls. I also share a kitchen with a stove-top, fridge, microwave, and water boiler with the same girls.

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