Course Requests and Size Comparison

Today I emailed Poonam, the woman who I’ve been in correspondence in at USP (University of the South Pacific), the courses I want to take:

  • Fish and Fisheries
  • Beginning Fijian
  • Intro to Pyschology
  • Pacific Worlds
I had thought about taking physics while I was abroad… even put in the course request.  But now, nah, let’s take that when I actually know I can communicate with people who can help me.  Plus it looks like they might use calculus in their physics.
Now for comparing apples and oranges!

Fiji’s square mileage (7,000) is just slightly smaller than New Jersey (8,000).

In case your grade school knowledge has left you, here’s a reminder of where New Jersey is.  You can also compare the size to your state.

Now just imagine:



About Meg LaFollette

I studied abroad in Fiji for 5 months in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with traveling! I went to New Zealand right after and then Peru this summer. When not traveling (and sometimes during) I love healthy, environmentally conscious living. Animals, biology, horses, and behavior are other passions of mine.
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4 Responses to Course Requests and Size Comparison

  1. embracethepositive says:

    Sounds like great courses to take while you’re abroad! If you’re more like me and less like Jason, you should love Intro to Psych 🙂

  2. Paul Masek says:

    thanks for sharing the post with me; keep them coming and I’ll keep reading them!

  3. Aunt Sharon says:

    Good idea to stay away from Physics until you get the language barriers down! So excited to have this to communicate while you are away! The Fish and Fisheries course sounds awesome!

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